Chicago, IL - 6/8/2021 -- Hoan Huynh officially announced his campaign for Congress in Illinois’ 5th District. Hoan is running because the 5th district needs a representative that rejects corporate PAC money and fights for the progressive policy constituents want.

Hoan Huynh is a Vietnamese refugee, the son of a U.S. Veteran, and a community impact investor in Chicago. As a refugee he never felt like he had a true home, until he moved to Uptown Chicago and began working with communities around the city. In his role as a community impact investor at Chicago Beyond, Hoan led Covid-19 relief efforts, supported small businesses to keep their doors open, and worked with community members to reduce gun violence.

“We need a more equitable Chicago,” said Huynh, “one that provides access to healthcare for all, empowers small businesses, and that understands what the communities in our district need.”

The 5th district is a diverse and progressive community, but is represented by a conservative democrat. Hoan has worked alongside local organizations and community leaders and continually sees how working-class, low-income, and minority communities are left behind by the system. If elected to Congress, Hoan will fight for everyone to have Medicare, create job opportunities by supporting small businesses and incentivizing better worker pay, and tackle the climate crisis as a matter of climate justice to ensure our planet is protected for everyone.

“I am running for Congress because I believe the 5th district deserves active and progressive leadership from someone who cares about the people, not just Big Business or Wall Street,” stated Huynh. “I’ve watched friends and neighbors struggle during this pandemic, and Rep. Mike Quigley did nothing to help. It’s time for a new representative that gets these struggles and takes action to alleviate them.”

Hoan Huynh plans to listen to you and fight for what you need: Job and Small Business Protection; Medicare for All; and Climate Justice.